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Hi there, not sure whether this is the right group but I'm just looking for some information. Am not a DSP genius or whatever so I'm not quite sure whether this can be done. I would like to build (or buy a ready kit if possible) a device that would play a single digital sample (doesn't have to be MP3) over time. Tricky and unusual bit is that this device should loop the sample for let's say 1 second but the starting position of the loop should be regulated by some kind of a knob or gauge. I want to have a hardware that will basically emulate the CoolEdit's selection loop function with predefined sample and loop time. Question is whether someone have ever seen anything like this as a kit? or how difficult would it be to built such a device? I did some research but only things I could find that would be close to this were single chip MP3 players. which I pressume would do the trick but I don't have a clue how could I loop a sample with a gauge on such thing?

Thanks in advance for any replies and please forgive me if this is not the right group.


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Relatively easy with say an AVR processor and an Atmel dataflash for storage. How many do you want, and how much do you want to pay ?


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Adrian Jansen

How many do you want, and how much do you want to

How about an EPROM with resistor-ladder D/A, a few binary counters and that's about it?


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