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I have a problem with protel dxp 2004 when I select a component in the components list with mouse or move down or move up in the list with key arrow. The system don't respond in realtime.After I press the key arrow or click with mouse elapse 2 second first that I see the selected component.

I have windows xp pro, athlon64 3ghz 512mb ram.

How can I fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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You should participate in the altium forums,

I am evaluating protel.I haven't customer number and I don't know how register to altium forum.

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Try sci.electronics.cad - this is very much their kind of question, and a lot of the regulars were Protel users when I last spent time lurking there.

---------- Bill Sloman, Nijmegen

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You should participate in the altium forums, especially made to be concerned for such problems. This forum is located at


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