Anyone have any of Ralph Carson's books?

Amazon.Com "helpfully" suggested them to me, and I've never heard of the guy before. Anyone have a copy of his books? And want to voice an opinion?

The only one that's still in print is about analog radio receivers -->

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(how's that for obscenely expensive?)... but Amazon shows he's previously written books on amplifiers as well.

---Joel Kolstad

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Joel Kolstad
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Joel Go to

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and if you put Ralph Carson in for the author you will get several entries for his book "High Frequency amplifiers. Entries about 24 through 38 with prices from about $12 plus s&h to about $133 plus s&h.

One entry for Radio Communication Concepts Analog was about $475 plus s&h.

ADDALL is a new and used books search engine. and it searchs most of the majors like ABE, ALIBRIS, Powells, etc. Dave Foreman

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David L. Foreman

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