any 3x8 .1" pitch pin headers?

Hi - I'd like to get some 3x8 .1" pitch pin headers. I can't seem to find any 3 row pin headers anywhere though. Has anybody seen anything like this? I think I'll just use a 2x8 and a 1x8 if I can't find a 3x8, but it just seems to me that the connector would be more solid if I could find a true

3x8 pin header. So - has anybody seen anything like this? thanks!
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Michael Noone
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You can order them directly from Samtec

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There are so many variations on these types of parts (number pins, pin length, plating etc) that they are essentially custom. You make up the part number following their directions. I think they then cut them from their raw stock.

The part number I use is TSW-108-07-G-T and they cost about $1.09 each on pretty small volume. Their delivery and support is excellent.

I use them on the RidgeSoft IntelliBrain robotics controller

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