An email from Altera

Got an email from Altera. It pointed me to a movie clip. The movie clip shows a sales manager ? and application engineer explaining the latest and greatest high speed development board (think it was). No problem so far, except that both these persons speak what can perhaps best be described as 'Indian or Pakistani English'. Very very hard to make it out, had to stop that video and let sink in what they were on about.

Is that the new US standard pronunciation? Or is the market far east anyways an there they all speak like that?

How about giving at least your sales rep a tutorial on how to pronounce US English (or UK English)? Is this the new trend?

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Jan Panteltje
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t they were on about.

yes, it is

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This is just a ploy to get us to go and watch the video that we didn't bother watching first time round.

Isn't it?


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Nial Stewart

Hope not. I can't understand them either. Just wish they fix their password reset feature on their web site.


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Martin Riddle

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