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I don't get much spam... normally. Some arrives to email addresses I have forwarders to but don't really use like info at or support at ari I also create new email addresses for every web site I give an ema il address to for signing up to something or asking for information. Lets me know who shared my email address when I start getting spam.

Recently I've been getting spam, the totally junky kind, to a few addresses that should not have been shared. One is esp.mag at which has b een receiving a LOT. That's an old trade magazine, so maybe it ended up on a mail list for electronics vendors and found it's way to spammers. Anoth er is at well, I guess I won't be dealing with them anymore, and... at! Holy crap! The Red Cross is selling my email address???

These addresses are not email accounts, they are just forwards. So no matt er how many emails I get from people who claim to have cracked my email acc ount and are spying on me through my web cam, it ain't true.

I'm wondering just how these email addresses are abruptly getting leaked. Any chance they've found a way to access my web hosting account? There's n o sign of any activity or problems.


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