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Re that JCM2000, DSL100 head.

An email has just arrived from the Marshall agents in Australia.

As expected, they have no PCBs to suit the JCM2000 / DSL100 amps

To get one, payment is required of $A218.50 ( =120 UK pounds ) subject to price and currency changes and the waiting time is unspecified. About 2 to 4 months is a fair guess.

With 4 new JJ EL34s and time already spent, the bill is gonna be over $A700 or about 380 UK pounds.

This assumes the PCB when it arrives is correct, functions OK and there are no other hidden faults in the amp.

A very big assumption.

Right now in Sydney, for $A979, one can by a *new* 100W Marshall head that has hand wired ceramic valve sockets and none of the problems associated with the shit awful JCM2000 series.

It's the DSL100H - made in Vietnam.

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