Accessing News While Traveling

Accessing News While Traveling...

Does Agent install anything in the Registry?

Agent does not keep any of its own settings in the Registry. The installer places un/install info, and if Agent is configured to be the default client for anything, that is set in the Registry, because that is a system setting.

The question has come up as to whether you could carry Agent with you > on a zip-drive and just plug into another's PC when wanting to access > a news server. > Possible?

Absolutely. If you're using a large enough portable drive device. I'd recommend either a USB thumb drive or portable hard drive, rather than a ZIP drive.

You can learn how to configure a different database location in the Help file. Help \\ Index \\ Directories and file types.

-- Jeffrey Kaplan Agent Support Team

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Yep. Also, all that stuff is configured in the agent.ini file, the format of which is very well documented in the help file. It's very easy to configure Agent to be portable. The one thing that could be an issue is that when it's configured for offline use, the data files for busy newsgroups can get very big, so you need to keep a close eye on how much space is left on the device.

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