Difficulty accessing handhelds.org

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I'm having trouble accessing anything at OPIE at www.handhelds.org.

I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who is having this problem.
Has the site shut down?

Is there a new approved place from which one should obtain OPIE?

Thanks for all your help.

All the best!


Re: Difficulty accessing handhelds.org
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no, that's the place still.
openembedded.org runs off the same server, and is down right now too.
I've noticed they've been a bit unreliable in the last few weeks, but
just keep trying.


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Re: Difficulty accessing handhelds.org

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CRL hostin hh.org has undergone several maintenance stages in the last
weeks, including poweline maintenance.
Besides this everything is still as expected.


Re: Difficulty accessing handhelds.org
Well, I can now access opie.handhelds.org but all I get is an Apache
front page as if there is no content behind the web server.  If
someone can suggest an alternative to OPIE for an iPAQ 3600 or if
someone could suggest another way of getting at the OPIE software, I
would be greatly appreciative.

All the best!


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