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I am looking for an EEG Chip. The thing is that I want the chip to have atleast 32 channels in one package. Right now, I am using four of ADS1298 chips to get the 32 channels. I want to sample at 300 samples per second at least.

The link for the ADS1298 is as follows

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Please let me know!


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It's an excellent ADC, but why would you insist on having all the ADC channels on one chip?

The ADS1299 has PGAs on each of the eight channels and a similar ADC, but you'd still need four of them. Aimed at biopotential applications.

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We're starting to use some Intan chips:

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32 channels, on-board filtering. We're using the 16-channel differential input model, but we're still in development so can't completely say how well it works.


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