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I am working on a FPGA project that requires to interface the FPGA with an array of serial 12bit DAC. I can not use parallel 12bit DAC simply because I don't have enough pin counts on that FPGA (360 pins are needed if use parallel DAC). So I plan to write a synchronized serial interface (clk, data, sync) to pump the data out as soon as the 12bit data is generated inside FPGA. I image that I probably need a shift register, PLL ( generate clocks for both shift register and the DACs), a bit counter to signal the end of transmit? Does anyone have the experience to do this? Please help.



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I've just done that on an Altera MAX II CPLD to read a MAX1202 ADC. No PLLs involved - but I have an external crystal oscillator to provide a 1 MHz clock to the SPI circuit. It uses a couple of counters and a shift register. If you email me at bennett(at), I'll send you a .pdf of the schematic on Monday.

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