Hi, I want to design a GPS device that can be identified on the internet using an IP address. What is required for this? Do I need both a GPS and cell phone type of chip?

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What are your design capabilities and experience? Are you looking for a one-off unit "just to do it" or commercial/industrial/military grade at 10/10K/10M units per month? Any price/performance/power/weight/ temperature limitations? Will it need to be FCC/EC/UL/CA certified?

Without at least that much information, any design recommendations would truly be just wild guesses.

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA
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Rich Webb

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I think most if not all GPS receivers output NMEA data sentences in plain text on RS232 serial lines, so anything that can integrate an internet connection and a serial port will do it. How minimal that gets is beyond me to answer but you might want to look at some of the experiments by people running minimal OS's as dedicated servers and see what hardware they use. I think a single microcontroller IC might be enough if you write the code yourself.

For the GPS receiver, look at the various DIY GPS sites that Google can unearth, there's a nice new Taiwanese device with a 5 Hz report rate costing only $45 or so.

I concur.

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