Orcad component library soecifications

After working a while with orcad this is what I feel about it:

To select a component to use in Orcad seems to be a time consuming operation.

We can't just select a component from some manufacturer because Orcad does not cover every component from every manufacturer (impossible, of course).

Orcad has PDF files with the component list, but without specification and arranged by general type.

So we have to select a component by selecting a suitable group of them and then find out which of them are available in libraries.

Sometimes, to complocate even more, libraries are available, but Pspice says it has no definitions ...

Is this story too wrong?

Where can I find Orcad 9.10 library lists with component specifications?

Thanks H. Martins

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H. Martins
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Have you asked the Orcad online forums?

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This is a fairly active community (including some Orcad developers).

I would note I have been using Orcad since it's DOS 2.x days, and I

*never* use the preloaded libraries that come with it. In any non-trivial design, I have to unhide the power pins, change aliases etc., and it's quicker and easier simply to build my own parts.



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Well, you see, Orcad was designed to be used by professional engineers. It was assumed that the engineer KNEW what parts he wanted to use, by perusal of data sheets, previous experience, etc. There have been attempts at times to create databases of the existing parts with some of the specifications (But which ones are important? Is that your favorite, or an industry standard? From the datasheet of the part, or the actual values measured from the spice deck?) However, most of the attempts I have seen have been for later versions and required CIS to read them in. It is a non-trivial exercize to create such a database, and it would change with each version of the software.


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Charlie Edmondson

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