Altium Designer 6 routing design rules question

Hi everybody, Is there a way in Altium 6 to specify a routing rule which defines that a particular class of nets can be routed on a particular layer but not go over a certain area? It's like having a keepout but only for a certain class of nets.

Thanks, Patrick

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Patrick, I am not sure that there is any easy way to define such an exclusion zone for a particular net class. The whole logic of Altium rules tends to be rules to allow actions rather than disallow. The only suggestion I could make would be to route those nets while placing some form of a keepout arrangement (fills, layer specific keepouts or polygon) in that particular area, later remove it or temporarily shift it to another or non-routing layer.

Brad Velander.
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Brad Velander

Hi Brad, thanks again for the reply. I'll definitely take up your suggestion of routing the designing in 2 steps, first with the keepout and the net class in question and then removing the keepout to route the remainder of the nets. It should work nicely.

Regards, Patrick

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