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Ok, most major car stereo makes now have very functional iPod interfaces,
and I am currently shopping for a new stereo for my VT. Since the VT is
double-DIN equipped, I was tossing up the idea of an in-dash LCD screen as
well as a stereo. Since a DVD-Capable stereo is a bit out of my price range
(and also rather rare, it seems), and I am soon getting a Video iPod, I was
planning the following:

Headunit, possibly Pioneer
iPod interface link, from approriate brand, for example, Pioneer in this

In Dash TFT Screen. All speakers/sound run from the Headunit, ipod feeds
sound to headunit, headunit controls ipod, obviously. If the iPod was a
Video model, can the iPod still play these while linked to the stereo? Ie,
hit play on a video on the ipod, sound comes via headunit -> speakers, video
via ipod's built in composite video out -> tft screen .. Can this be done?
With 2 inputs on the screen, it should allow for future expansion for a
glove-box dvd player or similiar one-day in the future..

Just curious tho, if anyone knows if the ipod goes into a "dead" state while
being controlled by the headunit? I'm guessing the headunit can't control
the video, but thats fine, I'm planning a dash-mounted cradle for the ipod,
I can control video from there.. Just gotta make sure the ipod won't go dead
to its own controls while plugged into the system

Anyone got any info? Thanks in advance!

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check out

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