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> Locate and read the CHARTER for this group.

> >There is no charter.

(Now, where did I put that fscking thing). dig, dig, dig ... Well, here's one of the versions of the first post to the newsgroup.

Welcome to

What's this newsgroup for? Here's the charter and rationale from the Call For Votes.

"Discussions relevant to the design of electronics circuits."

RATIONALE: sci.electronics.components,,

The split proposed here is set up on levels of complexity. In this field of technology, people look for solutions to problems along these levels. Someone who is looking for a box that solves their problems is working at a higher level of detail than someone who is designing a module (circuit board) and that second person is working at a higher level than someone looking for a prebuilt integrated circuit that they need to purchase.

The proposed components group is for questions dealing with individual parts. Someone working on this level is looking for a specific function or source or identification for an electronic component. Postings requesting the identification of an integrated circuit are a large portion of the current traffic.

The design group is for persons combining components into circuits. Discussion on design solutions and techniques.

The equipment group is for persons looking for already available solutions to their problems.

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Thank you. Mark.

Maybe one day the idiots over in alt.usenet.kooks will get it and stop abusing Usenet.

Top posted, something I rarely do, but seemed appropriate in this case.

Mark's response to "Lamey" "neimadre" "blu" and whatever other lame nyms the abusive retard posts under:

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007 17:43:40 GMT, (Mark Zenier) Gave us:

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