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I have not much time available and looking for a programmer that could code
up a PIC for me.

I expect to use Powerlite Picblock-MC28AD-USB although I haven't decided on
the processor as yet. This may depend on the functions I wish to perform.

The link to the Powerlite for info is

I only have basic functions in my head at the moment but will do a flowchart
fairly soon.


Malcolm Whinfield

Re: PIC Programmers

If you are looking for a professional, then you are looking at $100+
an hour.

If you are looking for an hobbiest, then its going to be much cheaper.
TRy one of those rent-a-coder type sites. They are fairly effective.

But... IT sounds like you dont know what you want, so before you aske
get a clear idea of what you are intending to do and how you are going
to do it.

On Wed, 17 Jan 2007 18:52:24 +0900, "Malcolm Whinfield"

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Re: PIC Programmers

I actually know exactly what I want, the idea has only been put together
recently though hence nothing on paper except for a few components (the
board being one of them).

I need 16 outputs and 2 sets of 4 I/Ps. I/P are Binary or BCD except for 3
inputs designed to perform other functions when required. Actually all the
Outputs will do is toggle high and low at a visual rate but variable, 1 or 2
of the input will vary at real-time.

I expect the initial software design to be very simple, but as far as
hardware goes with 27 years in the communication electronics industry I know
what the final outcome will be.

The advantage of PIC and the board is updates can be made with minimal fuss,
so the initial design will be quite simple. I have created some smaller
project but time for me now is short due to other commitments. Looking at
the board I can still have a few more inputs for expansion.

Just would like to know of someone that could carry out some work, hobbyist
may do quite a good job, hard to say.


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