Hakko FX-951

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hi all im looking at buying some hakko fx-951 stations.

anyone know if they are good or not?

im also looking at the pace st-25e

Re: Hakko FX-951

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I have a Pace ST-25 at home, very nice iron. Nice balance on the
handle, good thermal performance, top brand, can't go wrong.

Haven't tried the Hakko FX-951, but the classic Hakko 936 is more of a
comparable product to the ST-25. Can't go wrong with the 936, it's an
industry stalwart.


Re: Hakko FX-951
Hi there

If you are still in the market for a soldering iron i would recommend a
OKI (Metcal) PS800E. Have had it for a few months and swear buy it. Had
tried the new Hakko 951 and could not get the response the PS800E had even
when the 951 was at 450. Have recently just purchased another as you can
currently trade your old systems and received $100.00 off bringing the
price down to $190.00
Below is the link to the company that offers the trade in:


Cheers Matt

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