Hakko 936 vs. CSI Solder Station 1?

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I'm a novice looking for something better than my ancient Radio Shack soldering pencil. After looking around, I'm coming to the conclusion that a Hakko 936 is a decent soldering station at a decent pricxe. However, I recently bumped into the CSI "Deluxe Station 1" at

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. Well, that looks an awful lot like a Hakko 936! Does anyone know anything about this station? Is it truly an OEM Hakko 936 at less than half the price, or is it some cheap knockoff that looks exactly like a Hakko?

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I agree that the Hakko 936 is a good choice for a soldering iron. We used to use them at my old job and they stood up well to constant use. The CSI unit sure looks like a Hakko, but the its power consumption is only 40W vs. 60W for the Hakko. A Hakko 936 can handle jobs such as soldering copper foil shielding to the shell of a D-Sub connector. A lower-powered iron might not be able to hold its temperature with that much metal soaking up the heat.

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Note that the Hakko total power is 60W but the heating element is only 50W.


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