F&P Smartdrive codes

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Hi, I've got an F&P Smartdrive 500, After power on it is silent for
about 20 seconds then beeps once every second with just the 'spin'
light on. I have already pulled it to bits and checked the boards, but
I might have missed something, and the level sensor vacuum is fine, no
leaks. It will also start a cycle, but once again only for 20 secs then
the error, the water valves, and pump are working. Can anyone help me
with the error codes please.

Re: F&P Smartdrive codes

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There's a website for pommy appliances where some tech will identify the
code for you, he keeps the data to himself as F&P don't seem to want
it in the public domain anymore.

Re: F&P Smartdrive codes

Yes hard to find the codes, can you point me in the right direction?
I managed to get it into diag mode(power with temperature down), when
in that mode it shows the rinse light on, I can turn the hot and cold
valves on and off and the pump on and off, so some things must be
working, The 3rd wash light comes on when the cover is closed, and the
forth wash light comes on if the out of balance switch is on. So they
are working, I have also checked that the water level pipe has no

Re: F&P Smartdrive codes

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Detailed Fault Codes - 500 Series Machines

1 (00000001) Display Module Fault


a) Replace Display Module (Refer to 9.2.3 section of the service manual to
ensure Display

Module correctly located in console).

Re: F&P Smartdrive codes

Great thankyou, been doing some more work on it yesterday and found a
bad joint to the pressure sensor. Resoldered and the spin light error I
described above has stopped.
Now it has another error. Start a cycle, valves go on then off on off,
then it stops with the 4th from the left(of 5) wash cycle lights on,
and the 1 second beeping again. I am suspecting a corroded rotor
sensor, but now I need the diag codes for a rotor sensor fault.
The exact model is GW500B-K.

Thanks again :)

Re: F&P Smartdrive codes

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FAULT CODE = 15 (Display Module Fault (Pump Circuit Error)

The Display Module has read an incorrect voltage on the pump circuit.


a) Replace Display Module.

# If the machine is running at well below its rated supply voltage and the
pump has operated for more

than 4 seconds at this voltage, this fault will also appear.

Sorry but it seems to keep coming back to Replace Display Module.


Re: F&P Smartdrive codes

Hey thankyou for your help, I will replace the display board as soon as
I can get one. I measured the pump voltage sensor output at the
processor input pin, it is between 0 and 0.2V DC with the pump motor
off and 4.4V DC with the motor on. So not sure why such a low sense
voltage would cause the processor to raise the pump voltage error,
especially when the pump is not actually being used while the machine
is filling. The pump motor and its triac have been replaced because the
previous pump motor burnt out, so perhaps this has caused some problem
with the voltage sense circuit.

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