Brother MDI-30/MDI-40/PDC-100

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Hello, all.  The above referenced ca. 1980s MIDI sequencers (termed  
"Disk Composers" by Brother) all appear to use the same internal 3.5"  
FDD.  The spindle is belt rather than direct driven.  I can't find any  
specific belt info for these devices on line except for the FB-100  
Brother drive which was intended for use with their line of knitting  
machines.  I have the MDI-30 and I think a 8.5" or 9" circumference flat  
belt might work but if anyone can provide some additional detail it  
would be most welcome.  Thanks for your time and comment.  Sincerely,
J. B. Wood                e-mail: arl

Re: Brother MDI-30/MDI-40/PDC-100
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I just replaced the belt on a PDC-100. I got it from . A 9.8" small square belt worked just fine -
their part # SBS9.8. Cost $5.

Re: Brother MDI-30/MDI-40/PDC-100
On Friday, 19 January 2018 00:37:07 UTC, John Fanelli  wrote:
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I expect he's long gone. If not a stationery belt should do the job.


Re: Brother MDI-30/MDI-40/PDC-100
On 01/18/2018 07:37 PM, John Fanelli wrote:

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Hello, and I was the OP on this.  I subsequently solved my dilemma with  
a replacement flat belt from Suburban Electronics.  They have quite a  
selection of these small drive belts and at very reasonable prices.  
Shipping cost is somewhat less reasonable.  Sincerely,
J. B. Wood                e-mail: arl

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