Lithium Ion battery discharge

I have a Kindle DX that has twice discharged the battery completely over night when the device was laid flat on a table. Normally I put the device on a shelf standing upright when it isn't in use and the battery never discharges in that case.

It isn't a case of leaving the device "on" because the DX turns itself off after a few minutes, and I don't think that on/off affects the rate of discharge. The DX is an e-paper device that, as I understand it, consumes power only when the pages are written to the screen.

Is it conceivable that the position of a Li battery could affect its self discharge rate?

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Foxs Mercantile

What happens if you invert it in both cses of being in the horizontal and vertical overnight situations?

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Thanks, but wireless is disabled, and if it were that it would also try when the device is upright.

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I don't understand. I am very reluctant to allow the unit to lie horizontal for fear that it will discharge. After discharge the ordering of the (389) books is all screwed up.

It doesn't seem to hurt if the DX lies flat for a short time, but overnight has twice been a killer. I am clutching at straws for an explanation since the only times I have left the DX off the shelf it came up empty the next morning.

Google reveals no position sensitive self-discharge.

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I would suspect a bug in the whatever it's using to do screen orientation sensing. It should be off in sleep, but they've had other power draining bugs, like the 3G one...

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