Xilinx 6.1i on Red Hat 9

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It seems to be possible to run the Xilinx 6.1i tools on Red Hat 9;
I though I'd post the details to save people Googling for the

For the install,

bash# cd /mnt/cdrom
bash# LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 ./setup

for each of the two CD-ROMs.  There is a warning message
early on about some U/Win (sp?) library, which I ignored.
Assuming one chooses /opt/xilinx for the install location,
the following lines would go into .bashrc:

export XILINX=/opt/xilinx
export PATH=/opt/xilinx/bin/lin:$PATH
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/xilinx/bin/lin:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

The command-line tools (xst, par, etc.) seem not to require
the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL magic, but GUI tools like the FPGA editor
do require it.

I have no deep knowledge of what this environment variable
does to glibc, only that it works for me, so far.  I suppose
Xilinx may or may not "support" this.

Peter Monta

Re: Xilinx 6.1i on Red Hat 9
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OK, How 'bout SuSE 8? Or better yet, SLES8 for AMD64?
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Re: Xilinx 6.1i on Red Hat 9
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I don't know, but I guess any glibc-2.3-based distribution would
need a similar trick.  I wouldn't mind having one of the
latter boxes :-).

Incidentally, there's a problem with using LD_LIBRARY_PATH:
Xilinx unaccountably includes a libstdc++ in their library
directory---this will cause apps to use it rather than the
system library if they search it first.  This interferes with,
among other things, Icarus Verilog.

So best to either prepend the system library directories
to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or add the Xilinx library directory
to /etc/ld.so.conf (I believe ld.so/ldconfig will keep the order).

Peter Monta

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