Readback Jtag Problem

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When I make the readback on the Spartan II concerning a configuration's
bitstream which changes the state of some flip flop, the returned
bitstream is not the current one but starting bitstream whitout changes.

Re: Readback Jtag Problem

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How are you reading the bitstream?  Do you use iMPACT?  How
do you know the bitstream hasn't changed?  Is it your own comparison
software or iMPACT "verify"?

If you use "verify" in iMPACT you should realize that the bitstream is
masked with the .msk file generated along with the .bit file in your
project.  Once masked, the resulting verify operation will not compare
the bits corresponding to the changing state.  It only uses bits such
as LUT functions and routing that do not change once the design
starts running.

Re: Readback Jtag Problem

Gabor ha scritto:

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Dear Gabor
thank you for the info.
I do not use "IMPACT" but I have implemented a class library in java
for the "readback" using the JTAG TAP .
When I read bitstream i obtain the starting bitstream not the actually.

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