Wanted: Amstrad NC100 or NC150 devices for embedded application

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I'm looking to acquire a couple of Amstrad NC100s or NC150s for an
embedded application. These were quite popular back home in Australia,
but seem to be very thin on the ground now. I don't know if they were
ever sold here in the USA but I've been bidding on them on eBay. I'll
pay a reasonable price, and airmail shipping.

Alternatively I'll take recommendations for something else with a
fullsize QWERTY keyboard, 80x8 or 40x4 character LCD and serial port,
that can run a 2400/8N1 terminal, includes an onscreen text editor, and
can either transfer straight text over the serial port or store it on a
PCMCIA card (linear SRAM is fine).

IOW I need to be able to edit command files (ASCII text files) on the
device, and upload them to an embedded device using the terminal
program. I also need to be able to interact with the embedded device
using the termprg, and make ASCII notes that can be saved to a text
file on the device, and later transferred to a PC.

The NC200 is not ergonomically great for my needs but could be used if

I know about the Alphasmart devices but the modern ones are too complex
and high-end for my needs and the Palm OS is a PITA to work with;
conduits, strange filesystems, etc. I don't have enough info on the
older models to know if they could be adapted for my needs.

Re: Wanted: Amstrad NC100 or NC150 devices for embedded application
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It's been pointed out to me that the Kyocera devices such as NEC
PC-8300 and TRS-80 Model 100, 102 and 200 pretty much meet my specs.
I'd prefer the NC100 because it's ergonomically much nicer, but I'll
make do with the Trash-80s if I have to..

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