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I have an idea for an embedded computer application and device. What I want to do is this scan barcodes off of items enter prices and quantities, part numbers. I want to store this information in a table or database ie tab delimited csv sql data base. The device needs some sort of lcd a way to enter data, and a method to output the tables back to my pc. And it needs to be small enough to walk around with and maybe strap to my wrist. Is a device like this avalible or can I build one if I have too.

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Everything you want to do can be done by a PDA, which would strap to your wrist. If you want it to be wristwatch sized, you would need a separate module with the main electronics.

Google "wearable computers"

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These have been available for some years- I used to use one when I worked at a supermarket for checking the price on the shelf matched that scanned at the tills. Cue many wasted hours seeing how far away I could scan deodorant cans from or jumping out from behind shelves to "quick draw" scan. A very dull job.

I forget who made the one I used but a google for remote barcode scanners or similar should yield something.

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Tom Lucas

googling for:

"bar code" "inventory control"

should provide a plethora of possibilities.

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Rufus V. Smith

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