Protection Earth over PCB

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maybe this question is a bit off topic here, but for a phase control
thyristor design I plan to use the Tyco Mate-N-Lok conntectors for a one hp
3 phase AC motor. These connectors have UL up to 600VAC and plugged only
without load.

I am shure that the PCB design can blow 3x16 Amp fuses but I am not shure
wether I can use the PCB to provide PE to the motor or I have to do the
complete PE wiring outside the board. Any hints for rules, text, UL, EN,
VDE ... ?

Re: Protection Earth over PCB
Hello Jrgen,

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You have to consult the standards and regulations that are covering your
application. For example in my field which is medical electronics these
would be documents such as IEC601-1.

Usually there are some ground rules. One says that a connection for PE
cannot at the same time be a structural support. As an example this
means you can't use a screw that is also holding a panel or something
else in place. Next, the PE usually must remain uncompromised if a part
is removed. So if your PCB is removable that might be a concern.

Personally I would always make sure there is full PE protection outside
the PCB.

Regards, Joerg

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