Off-Topic, Double Posting ???

Yeah, this is off topic, but you'll get over it, thanks.

I'm puzzled as to the cause of double-posting. Why is it when I post a single message, I get two copies posted ?

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Parkinson's disease ?

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1) a bad mouse switch or too much caffeine.

2) a problem with your NSP and or your newsreader/browser so that the (usually) browser doesn't catch the clue that your message has been processed so it queues it up again for resending.

3) Somebody is reposting it. (Check the Message-ID: header). This can happen if a) Somebody has a news email gateway or web news site set up, but mis-configured, b) a message resurrector system has reposted something that a rogue cancelbot has canceled, or c) a rogue floodbot is using it as ammunition.

3 used to be the most common, now it seems to be 2.

Mark Zenier Googleproofaddress(account:mzenier provider:eskimo domain:com)

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Mark Zenier

You didn't in this case. It may simply be a case of finger trouble. ;-)


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Pooh Bear


It might be because there is a little gremlin in your computer case.

It might be because outlook express likes playing little tricks on you. Secretly coded by Bill himself ;)

It might be because Bill Gates was secretly viewing your PC and right when he was fascinatingly viewing your incredibly dirty filthy p*rn collection Steve Ballmer walked in and Bill tried to click the close button in a hurry but accidently hit your post button :)

Bye, Skybuck.

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Skybuck Flying

Ammunition for what... nerdwars? Maybe it's the revenge of GM.

Actually, I've been seeing lots of reposted messages showing up on A.B.S.E. Generally from a few days or a week ago, from lots of different people. I've also had my own messages not show up a few times. I assumed it was thunderbird getting cranky, but I'll check the headers.

A rogue cancelbot/floodbot. What a concept. These folks have far too much time on their hands.

  Bob Monsen
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Bob Monsen

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