PRISM2 Chipsets

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I'm looking for datasheets for the chipset listed in the subject line.
I've tried searching for on Intersil's site but come up with nix.

Can anyone help me with this?


Wing Wong.

Re: PRISM2 Chipsets

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Are you interested in designing with PRISM chipsets, or do you just
want to write a device driver for an existing implementations. I'm not
sure who exactly owns the PRISM chipset line now, since Intersil has
sold it off. (Is it Broadcom ?)

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do a google search on :

    "PRISM driver Programmers Manual"    
    - covers generic firmware version used in many cards/implementation

    "hfa3841"    - MAC datasheet
    "hfa3842"     - MAC datasheet

See ya, -ingo
/* Ingo Cyliax,, Tel: 812-391-0895 */

Re: PRISM2 Chipsets
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    Intersil -> GlobespanVirata -> Conexant

I tried, unsuccessfully, to get a copy of the Programmer's Reference manual
from GlobespanVirata after signing countless NDAs. A good reference is
either IoSoft's WLAN code or the Linux driver.


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