PLL settings for the S3C2410

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Hello Everybody!

Anyone of you had some experience with the PLL settings for the
S3C2410 from Samsung ?


Desperate FAE

Re: PLL settings for the S3C2410
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Sort of. What do you want to know?



Re: PLL settings for the S3C2410

My questions are regarding the formula they provide on page 7-19 of the
User Manual, and the table for the recommended settings on 7-20,
together with the note on 7-19 stating that one should ask them if
setting values for the formula that are not listed in the table.

In my particular example I try to set a frequency of 250 MHz from an
input one of 12 MHz. From the formula I could use following settings
several different settings, for example:

a) m15%9, p=2, s=1 for 250.50 MHz
b) m11%7, p=1, s=1 for 250 MHz

and a lot of other ones that the PLLSET.exe utility you can download
from the website reports... Which are the best ones to use? why?

best thanks,

Desperate FAE

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