anyone ever had any experience w/ ADS?

hello everyone

Has anyone ever used any products by applied data systems? My company is thinking about partnering up w/ them to work with some of their embedded SBC development boards, but i kinda wanted to see what the communities opinion was first.

here's their website:

formatting link

thanks, justin

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How lucky you are! Exactly today, five hours earlier, one fellow, (eddie), had written that he has definitely used their products. His experience is expressed in the message :

He also posts using the same server, []. So, you might be somewhere close to each other (in the same building?) to share views.

One quesion: what is that "?P=N&I=ggblah" in your URLs? Looks like a ten-cents-for-hundred-clicks pyramid scheme.

Hope this will help. Sorry for not clicking the URLs you (both?) provided.


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Vadim Borshchev



[...] Domain servers in listed order:


Blegh neither .com seem to arrive at the table with good net.reps . But some of the guys in with ADS were good folks [1]. Joeing?

[1] the embedded linux support wasn't half bad at one time
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Howard Goldstein

Good catch Vadim

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Jim Stewart

Inherited a project using them. Hated them. Ditched them. Don't regret it for a minute.

Did learn one lesson, though. Think twice when a company won't let you read their support message boards until you've bought the product.

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