Anyone with TCAD use experience ?

I was wondering if there is anyone on this newsgroup with TCAD use experience ? I have downloaded the 2-D open source tool Archimedes, and compiled it(after re-writing major sections pf code, as the original was written for and compiled with old C compilers) I am planning to install Charon from Sandia Labs. Right now, I am trying to examine the interface between a heavily doped region and an undoped region. So for the heavily n doped region I specify a donor density of e.g., 7.5e24, but no doping density is specified for the undoped region at all. Intuitively, this appears correct. May I have your thoughts on this ? Or should I add the intrinsic carrier concentration ? Thanks in advance. Basically, I am trying to visualize the properties of the two degree free electron gas.

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amal banerjee
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What does intrinsic/undoped mean in real life?

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John Larkin

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