generation of sine wave using pwm module of dspic30f6010

hi all, i have a dspic30f6010.i would like to generate a sine wave with this for an ac induction motor.i would like to know whether there is any method for controlling the amplitude of sine wave. and also details abt the c code for generation of sine wave using dspic30f6010.

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Try posting to the Microchip dsPIC forum. That's where most dsPIC experts tend to lurk.


Leon Heller, G1HSM
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Leon Heller





Mix these signals together with the appropriate amplitudes (3 resistors) and you have a sinewave with no harmonics below the 5th, I believe. It takes very little analog filtering to get a clean sine from it. You get the waveforms from anything running at 3 times the desired frequency. The result, before filtering, is about:

__--__ __--__ --__-- --__--

The filter and final output involves 4 resistors, one capacitor, and an op-amp. You can generate all the phases you want, in steps of 1/6 cycle.

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Consider pulse density modulation with external filtering.

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