Anyone have experience with ADuM4190 or 3190?


Need to transfer lots of analog signals over an isolation barrier that must withstand surges up to 5kV. I used to roll my own but that gets old and now there are alternatives. The ADuM4190 is rated for that, comes in a 2-pack and the price is right, about two bucks:

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Can anyone share experiences good and bad? Or with the ADuM3190 which doesn't have the isolation rating I need but should otherwise be similar in performance.

I'll be using it strictly as an analog signal transfer device, not a power supply feedback like that is was intended for. Meaning the reference won't be used. What I am mainly interested in is:

a. Gain accuracy over barrier, difference between the two device inside the same chip. Datasheet says +/-17% but not what the difference on the same die is.

b. Dynamic range.

c. Drift.

d. EMC behavior, both emission and suceptibility. A client got a black eye there with one of its digital isolator brethren.

Regards, Joerg
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