PC 104 Embedded Software

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What  embedded software is out there to run on a PC104 for just data
collecting through the serial port.

For example, data from a electronic balance, with a RS 232 interface.

The PC104 has a 200mhz CPU 16mb of ram, 500 cf card as hard drive.

Thanks Chris

Re: PC 104 Embedded Software

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Anything thjat runs on a PC will run on a PC104.

What operating system are you using?

Are you looking for a prepackaged application that does it all or a
programming language suitable for rolling your own?

What do you intend to do with the data? Store it? In what format?
Display it? Numbers or pretty pictures?  Generic pretty graphs or
customized graphics?

Guy Macon <http://www.guymacon.com

Re: PC 104 Embedded Software

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FreeDOS, Borland C++, plenty of serial port examples around.

ecos, probably a bit of overkill but whatthehell it's free.


Paul Burke

Re: PC 104 Embedded Software
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I have had good luck running DOS on ZFMicro modules. I developed
application softare on a Windows box using on old versions of
Borland C, as well as Microsoft C and GNU to allow you to build
commandline programs that run under DOS.

Most PC104/Embedded PCs allows you to redirect the console in the
BIOS to a rs232 port.

One project I worked on was a datacollector for a radiation effects
experiment.  A PC104 FPGA module on a ZFmicro PC104 system acted as
a wide parallel port that would collect pulse width signals from
PICs being irratiated in a proton beam from an accelerator. The PC104
system was near the beam line and the collected data was send via
to rs-232 to a Linux laptop in the control room. I used kermit to
transfer files/programs to and from the PC104 system, although I
could have used a Compact Flash disk.

Depending on the data rates you could use qbasic to develop
applications under DOS.

See ya, -ingo
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Re: PC 104 Embedded Software
You can use DOS. Here you can find out heaps C++, C# and VB source
code running under DOS and Windows. Some examples show you how to
communicate to serial port and. You can make your DOS or Windows
controller to be Web-Enabled, link your sensors to your web browsers.


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