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Re: OT, sorry, simple Windoze GUI

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You might also try the open source Delphi semiclone Lazarus:

Paul Burke

Re: OT, sorry, simple Windoze GUI
In order to run the serial port in Windows (including Visual Basic) yo
need to obtain mscomm32.ocx

You can get it from this URL

There is also a good description of the control here.

Next you need to register it. From the Start button and the run, enter
regsvr32 mscomm32.ocx

Registration unfortunately is normally not enough. Access this URL an
follow the directions

Once this is done you will be able to access the MSComm control in an
application that uses VBA like Excel, as well as Visual Basic itself.

All this and much more is covered in my book
"Excel by Example : A Microsoft Excel Cookbook for Electronics Engineers"
Published by Elsevier/Newnes, ISBN 0750677562 (you can see the TOC etc. o

Hope this helps

Aubrey Kagan
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