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Hi, I need to stream audio data and control info I2C out of my PC into some external hardware and was thinking of using a FIFO to deal with the different clock boundaries.

I was wondering if anyone had some startup verilog code on FIFOs, I am using a Xilinx FPGA


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I've done just that using ALtera's tools except I used the graphical design as the input. So I placed a fifo set it width and depth. Then wraped controling logid arround it.

I then had the tools generate VHDL output.

I'm still using the graphical as the master but could switch when necessary.


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I agree with "GMM50", don't waste your time writing your own FIFO. Pick one from the Xilinx library. They should have ready-made FIFOs available, if not then switch to Altera.


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Jaakko Varteva
[reposting since original posting seem to be gone]

You may want to look at Xilinx application note 175, together with the zip archive containing the HDL code. It has both synchronous and asynchronous FIFOs ready to go.


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Dr Justice

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