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This is a slightly off topic question. I have been following this discussion about the new ISE 7.1. Before it got released I remember there was some talk about that the GUI would be based on a new GUI library, not the WINDU stuff anymore.

After it got released I did not find any talk about that anymore, maybe I overlooked something.

Did it really got changed or is 7.1 still using the WINDU stuff?

If it got changed, what GUI library is it now based on?

Thanks for the information.


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Guenter Dannoritzer
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AFAICT, ISE 7.1i on Linux still uses Wind/U. It doesn't seem likely that Webpack 7.1i would differ in that regard.

I don't particularly care what toolkit they use as long as the Linux hosted product works reasonably well.

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Eric Smith

It definately still seems to be using the WINDU stuff. A windu directory gets created when installing.

Seems to be based on openmotif (which is apparently what WindU translates to).

I seem to recall a rumor that Xilinx was going to rewrite in something like Qt, but that hasn't happened yet. Maybe in the next release.

BTW: Why doesn't Xilinx either statically link their executables or ship the required shared libs so you can run it on any Linux distro?


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Phil Tomson

Here, here!

I failed trying to get the correct curses library running on my Fedora Core

3 machine.


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pedro uno

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