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Hi Group,

Im looking at a Project to keep me out of trouble on a night <Grin>. Heres
what I would like to do:

Firstly to learn about Pic Programming and hopefully use this to:

Build a Project which will have either a Cat5 Network Connection and a Web
Browser on it, or a Serial interface to connect to a PC, This will Monitor
in 3 Rooms, the Temeratures and if there has been a Loss of Power. If the
Temperature gets to Hot or To cold, or if there was a loss of power My
project would either Ring a Mobile and a voice would say what condition we
had, or send a SMS. Idelly a Small LCD display in each room would tell me
the Temperature.

I would also like to be able to Monitor the Temperature and Power from A PC
Connection or Web Browser in real time, with graphs

I Know the basics about Electronics and am also an intermediate programmer,
with Visual Basic.Net

I don`t have any worries about learning new things!

Any Links or advise would be appriciated

Many Thanks

Re: Look at a Project for a Newbie

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You have things backwards. First itemize the requirements, THEN select a
processor or something. I assure you will not select PIC.

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Re: Look at a Project for a Newbie
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I agree, with such an ambitious project, you need a more powerful uC
that can address more RAM & ROM to be sitting at the central.  The PIC
or amtel might be used to talk to the central doing smaller jobs like
displaying temp or monitoring the temp.  You also need to select a way
to communicate between them e.g. X10 or rs232.

I have a similar project but I am building them up from the bottom.
First get all the building blocks ready and slowly build up the

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