Flash DOC to NV SRAM

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Hi folks,

I have a evaluation SBC (the LogicFlex from jkmicro
http://www.jkmicro.com/technicalinfo/ti_logicflex.html ) with a 8 MB Flash

Would anyone know whether a NV SRAM, capacity 4 MB to 8 MB, could be plug
compatible, i.e. plug in and go ? I am not an embedded specialist (a systems
integrator/ tinkerer who manages to solder a little with only the occasional
finger singed <g>) but would anyone have some links and part numbers or
something for me to follow up ? Look at maxim for NV RAM but the range is
mind numbing for me.

I need to write log data fairly intensively and would like to have the issue
of limited life span of flash memory resolved for my peace of mind.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Flash DOC to NV SRAM

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The board and bios will only support a)DiskOnChip, b)512kbyte SRAM
of some type, non-volatile is probably ok, or c)SST28SF040 512kbyte
flash.  Nothing else is likely to work and is not supported
by JK micro.

Re: Flash DOC to NV SRAM

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Hi Stewart,

Thanks for the reply. Which 512kbyte non-volatile SRAM, specifically a part
number and website link please, would be suitable for the Logicflex SBC to
replace the flash DOC with ? Sorry, I am not able to work that out for
myself so I have to ask.


Re: Flash DOC to NV SRAM

The part that we are referring to is the Battery Backed Clock/Cal &
512K SRAM chip that goes into the 32 Pin DIP socket.

Our part #20-0087
ST Micro part # ST M48T512Y-70PM1

Hope this information helps,

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