problem with the SRAM

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HI, All
I have questions regarding a project i am currently working on.
I have been assigned to develop an vga_controller with the sparten3.An
now there is problem with the dynamic memory. It should at first save th
picture to the sram and then read out and show it on the monitor. And
have written any code. But there is still problem. Does anynone know
where can i get any tutorial of the vga_controller? Thanks!

Re: problem with the SRAM

first thing:
Understand how a frame is built up. (HSync, VSync, front porch HSync,
porch HSync, HSync Active Time, HSync Start Time, front porch VSync,
back porch VSync, VSync Active Time, VSync Start Time, HSync Polarity,
VSync Polarity etc.)
Write some hardware which acts as a frame generator.

If you are writing the frames into memory and then reading it back
to display them
you have to know the different sync parameters of the original frame.
So you
need some SyncDetectParam module
For example you should know when to start reading out of the SRAM (
parameters HActiveStart, VActiveStart).

Apart from that you have to make some calculations how big the SRAM
has to be and whether you can support the desired pixel clock so that
there will be no overflow (frames or parts of frames get lost because
you are writing faster than you are reading).

Alternatively you could use SDRAM (Single Data rate) if you want to be


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