embedded Linux : how to co-ordinate System.map with PC address

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  I have a linux kernel build and try to load it to a PowerPC
development board. I use a JTAG debugger to download the kernal.

  Linux boot hangs in middle, and in the JTAG debugger I can see that
PC is 0x00001200, from my limited knowledge I should check out
System.map to guess which driver function is the problem.

  But this time it is weired, in System.map, there is no address around
that 0x00001200 I can see, all function addresses are above 0xC0000000.

  I wonder what is the problem. That knowledge worked for me before, is
it accidently true?

  I also run "objdump -S" against the kernel ELF file, it seems true
that all addresses are above 0xc0000000.

  Could you give me any suggestion?

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