Atmel FPSLIC users out there?

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In the past I did some work with the Atmel FPSLIC.  Eventually the
project was changed and the FPSLIC was dropped.

I have lots of working code still around from that project.  It takes
advantage of the tight FPGA + MCU symbiosis, so it's difficult to
reuse on other platforms.

I wonder if there are any Atmel FPSLIC users out there?  I could
polish up some of the code and publish it.  But then again I'd only
want to do it if it is of use to someone.

One of the gems is an emulator for the MSP430 instruction set.  It has
a very small footprint, and emulates one MSP430 instruction in 6 AVR
cycles.  A normal (non-FPSLIC) AVR would barely be able to fetch the
instruction from memory in that time.

So please let me know if there's any kind of FPSLIC community out


Re: Atmel FPSLIC users out there? schrieb:
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possible not so many, but some still - I have the FPSLIC kit, and some
FPSLIC silicon
and still some plans ;)

besides there does exist a commercial grade AVR IP core.. so it maybe
fun to use
the FPSLIC project in plain FPGA with AVR as soft IP as well..
the FPSLIC AVR-FPGA interface can easily be implemented in soft AVR
so the MSP430 AVR+FPGa solution may have its second life (with or
without FPSLIC)


Re: Atmel FPSLIC users out there? writes:
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Yep.  I do most of my work on the FPSLIC. /

Right now I'm working on getting Icarus' synthesis to feed my PAR tool
for the FPSLIC.

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You came to the right place (comp.arch.fpga); I think this would be
the best place to post it.

  - a

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