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Re: OT: Good footer, I like it.

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Unless the original message has already been read.  In which case you
have to retrieve that message first, which takes more than just a
click.  Or you're in a group that has a low retention rate (ie, about
3 or 4 days for me with alt groups).  In reality, threaded newsreaders
existed before the masses got onto the internet, they're not new

Generally you just need to see the latest message and enough of a
previous message to put it into context.  You don't need to see the
whole thread except if you're new to the thread.  The times that
bottom posting annoys people is when people don't bother trimming the
earlier messages and you've got hundres of old lines followed by an "I
agree" (also when they post amazingly large ascii pictures because of
neuroses gained through traumatic toilet training).  I rarely see top
posting where the previous messages are edited first, but this is very
common for bottom posting.  Which leads to the hypothesis that top
posting is lazier.

Of course, the _real_ reason for bottom posting is because it is
traditional and that's what everyone is used to.  The people who try
to break out of this sometimes fall into the "my needs are more
important than yours" trap.  You tend to see a mixture of top and
bottom posting on the more anarchic or contentious groups, and mostly
just one or the other only on the more civil groups.  When everyone
requests bottom posting and someone refuses, it is an insult, plain
and simple.

I had a coworker once that refused to follow the department's
guideline on keep program lines to 80 characters or less.  He defended
it with "I've got a modern editor that can do very wide lines, so I
don't see why I have to be stuck in the past."  Then I showed him how
my editor could indeed expand very wide just like his, which surprised
but didn't convince him.  Arguments that long lines are harder to
read, you had to use small fonts to see it all, printouts are ugly,
his peers were getting angry, etc, all fell on deaf ears.  _He_ liked
long lines, and damn the standards.  He was otherwise a nice guy, but
he hated doing things someone else's way (he later become CTO of a
dotcom for awhile before it went under).

Darin Johnson
    My shoes are too tight, and I have forgotten how to dance -- Babylon 5

Re: OT: Good footer, I like it.
On Thu, 27 May 2004 06:40:08 +1000, Al Borowski

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If only the top-posters were'nt so lazy to remove the old stuff (in
most news-readers/email clients it just a matter of a click in the
preferences dialog).

But I had the discussion with my boss (hi Roland), and he claims, that
he knows his question/text so no need to read the reply.
Don't know if I could convince him to bottom-post even in email :( ?
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Re: OT: Bottom Post for 20th century

[cut the crap]

there you go, plain and simple : only MORONS toppost

RusH   // /
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