hex format 16 bit?

in quartus II loading a .hex file into 16 bit rom, would it be little endian, or is only low byte filled??

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I can only speak for MaxPlus+ but there reading Intel hex is non-standard.

Intel hex has always addresses pointing to 8 bit locations, while the destination width in MaxPlus changes. (16 bit destinations for 16 bit wide RAM)

Intel hex is little endian, while Maxplus reads data in big endian order.

Look at the simulation! You will see easily, what happens.

I have written a converter, but I am not sure if I can release it as open source. I have to ask my boss..


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Ralf Hildebrandt

cheers, just wondered, as i like to consider full project task before deciding exact implement.

may even use AHDL as its shorter and more sucinct, how custom vlsi is the AHDL?

looks good for a verification platform, but must have lang export to CIF and GDSII as eventual goals.

hope to get register unit done first

formatting link

cheers jacko

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