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So I was looking through the DigiKey catalog to see how large a
serial EEPROM I could get, and found the Microchop 25LC1024, a
128K by 8. I try to order one and was told "August". ???  Damn!

So then I try the similar Atmel part, with no luck, then the
32K by 8 chip from both manufacturers too.

So who is sucking up all these parts? Or has DigiKey just jumped
the gun putting them in their catalog and these chips are just
not soup yet?

Gary Peek
Industrologic, Inc.

Re: 25LC1024 SEEPROM
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No 24LC256?  That's strange.  I got a dozen or so from DigiKey 3-4 months ago.

Re: 25LC1024 SEEPROM
On Tue, 17 May 2005 02:12:47 GMT, the renowned Michael

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They have 38 part numbers of 256K-1M serial EEPROMS in stock,
including over 10,000 24LC256-I/SN (SOIC-8) and 560 Atmel
AT25P1024W1-10SI-2.7 (SOIC-20). The former is I2C, the latter SPI.

I2C is still more popular than the faster SPI for SEEPROMs, and 24x
parts are generally cheaper than 25x parts.

Best regards,
Spehro Pefhany
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Re: 25LC1024 SEEPROM

Dear Gary Peek

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Have a look at http://www.saifun.com
We've got 25x1024 in production.

Reto Felix

Re: 25LC1024 SEEPROM
Why don't you try DataFlash from Atmel. (AT45xxx)
they have got parts up to 64mbits on SPI.


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25LC1024 SEEPROM clarification
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Thanks for the ideas folks, but I was not specific enough:
DIP, nore specifically, 8 pin. (Yes, I know....)

Gary Peek
Industrologic, Inc.

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