Simple shop-floor inventory program

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Anyone know of an inventory program for:

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I just want to track (via barcode scan) in/out, by tech & job - and maybe c
ompare that to the job BOM for variance.  

I don't really need to go much further than that - i.e., no interfacing wit
h NetSuite Accounting, ordering, stock levels, loading dock, RMA's, etc...  
 The company doesn't want to spring for the full-blown inventory package in
 NetSuite because A) it's expensive, and B) is probably too complicated for
 our needs anyway.  (That's another long story....)

A lot of what we build can be considered "custom one-offs", and I just need
 to generate a BOM quickly, pretty much at the same time we do the initial  
design.  Each build is similar to the last, but "different enough" for it t
o be a real pain in the ass.

I have this (maybe not so) crazy idea that a few well-placed barcode scanne
rs, hooked to a simple running list in/out inventory (by job / tech), even  
if as a flat file (Excel, *.csv, etc..) would help tremendously.  Even duri
ng the design phase (don't ask.) :)

In short: Can one of you recommend a very basic (bare-bones) inventory prog
Windows based is preferred, and I can dedicate a machine to it.  Thanks!!!

Re: Simple shop-floor inventory program

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Their all complicated. Sounds like a job for Access, but if you insist
on a MRP there are a few small mrp systems out there. Like DBA
manufacturing, their single seat demo is free, which might work for


Re: Simple shop-floor inventory program
On Sun, 10 Feb 2019 17:40:45 -0800, mpm wrote:

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Take a look at Apache OFBiz ( )
Two projects I have worked on have used it.  One built
a rather complex app on top of OFBiz.  We used hand
scanners to track boxes going out the door.  It might
be too much for what you want to do but you dont need to
use all the modules.

There are also many people that do OFBiz consulting and
customization work.  If you think you might want to go
this route let me know. I know of a person that has
written a OFBiz book and does training/consulting/customization.

Also take a look at
It's kind of a pick and choose what modules you need.

Republic of Texas

Re: Simple shop-floor inventory program
On 11-Feb-19 9:40 AM, mpm wrote:
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Visit the forum.

There have been lots of very lengthy threads on this matter and lots of  

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