Hong Kong postage delays

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Received this from an Ebay seller I had just ordered from.

This explains why I have had to wait 3+ weeks so far for other Ebay
purchases from previously reliable sellers.

Along with the delays reported at this end as Australian Customs do
work on behalf of Harvey Norman to protect their profits, and use
taxpayers money (our money) to do so.

Dear customer,
We are informed that AVSECO (Aviation Security Hong Kong) has
tightened security measures and thus items leaving for overseas
destinations will suffer a possible delay.

Over the past few weeks, an increasing number of dangerous goods are
found to be sent through air mail. AVSECO has therefore tightened the
security measure on ALL items leaving Hong Kong, making it longer to
process the packets, the delay can be as long as 5 days or more. So,if
item can not arrive to your country in time,please don`t hesitate
contact us.We will do our best to help you to settle this problem.

Any inconvenience caused in much regretted.

Thanks for your understanding!

Re: Hong Kong postage delays
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I think US orders also has a lot to do with it, as they (the US) have tightened
imports that have a weight above 16 oz.
We get charged an extra $9AUD for these from here, and I'm sure bombs and
bayonets will fall into this class.

I think it is the rest of the world simply catching up with the restrictions
that the US has imposed on all imports.

But I believe there will be more delays, and more expensive postage from all
over, because of this.

Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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