Usenet providers carrying comp.sys.raspberry-pi

Now this new newsgroup is up and running how long does it take for the group
to be carried by different Usenet providers? How many start carrying the
group at the same time?
I have seen reports of slow uptake by some Usenet providers when new Big8
newsgroups were created. These may not have been real slowness. In one case
the delay was due simply to users having to re-download the list of
Partly out of interest and partly to know when it is reasonable to more
widely publish the existence of the group can you add a Usenet provider to
the list below?
It is meant to show the approximate date of the first post held by that
provider - which should be when that provider started carrying the group.
So, for example, if you see the group on 11th but the first post is dated
4th the list would show the 4th. Of course, with different timezones the
dates people see the first message may vary by one day.
2013-04-02 Eternal September
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James Harris (es)
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In comp.sys.raspberry-pi message , Tue, 2 Apr 2013 23:17:19, "James Harris (es)" posted:
Then the date should be given in GMT/UTC, which everyone here should understand.
You are misusing "timezone", to be strict. Timezone refers, by definition, to the WINTER offset from UTC, and what you mean is the CURRENT offset, which is different in Summer Time, by one hour or half an hour.
However, a provider newly carrying the group may well back-fill with older articles obtained by peering. The most valid observation seems to be to note the date/time of the earliest post injected at each provider; and any well-connected user can do that.
GH's early "Hello" post was Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2013 21:12:34 +0000 (UTC) using, with a possibly-improper Message-ID.
My Web site, via sig, contains much date/time code, including Easter Sunday and ISO Week Numbering, with tests, in JavaScript. Pi coders should be able to adapt the algorithms to their preferred language.
I have room for a Pi, of course; but I do not have room at present for a Pi system. But, as a coder, I might be interested in a Pi emulator.
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Dr J R Stockton
Not sure if it was mentioned already but it is showing up in Google groups now.
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Brendan Robert
Not that one should ever use Google Groups' busted posting interface. The above is an example of the double-spacing screwing-up that Groups spits out. You might as well be posting from AOL.
Also, quoting an entire post to add a single line == "I am a Internet Babby."
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Chris Baird
While that sort of post is just a teensy-weensy bit in danger of suggesting that the poster might be anally retentive. Google Groups is a bit crap, but it's better than nothing. Gnus can do all sorts of clever stripping out of blank lines, quoted text etc. so you need never be offended by that sort of impropriety.
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Rob Morley
Let's go back to a favourite newsgroup where everyone top-posts..
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Chris Baird
Answer: top posting
Question: what's the most irritating thing on newsgroups
Stuart Winsor 

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Answer: NetCops
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Bob Martin
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Julian Macassey

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