Trouble installing Socksipy for OpenElec

I want to install this:
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It says "This addon is included in the official XBMC repository.
Therefore your download will be redirected to the official mirrors of XBMC"
So, that means I should be able to install via "Get more add-ons" on
OpenElec (without adding any repos) right?
I've forced refreshed the XBMC repo and I do not see Socksipy anywhere
in there.
Can any of you see it in the official repo? If so where?
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If you want just the SocksiPy package, you can get it from its SourceForge home:
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I found that by searching the Python package index which you can find at
formatting link
- its well worth bookmarking.
When you're looking for Python packages, the Python package index probably trumps any Debian package index in the authoritativeness stakes.
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